For those avid readers of my blog (thanks mom), I have received a few inquires as to the status of the Marler chicken experiment.  Here is the update on the six new members of the family.  Lupita Margarita, Tonto, Buddha, Buttercup, Shirley and Paula are now producing about five eggs a day.  Sydney, my youngest, has been doing a great job of keeping the girls supplied with food and water but leaves the weekly clean-up for dad (guess what I am doing today).  And, no, I have not yet checked them for Salmonella.  We have been using our own HACCP Plan of keeping the hen house clean, changing shoes, washing hands, and no raw or runny eggs.

photoeggs.JPGI do not want to think about when we might break even on our capital investment – we did have an architect for the hen house (a.k.a. “Taj Chicken”).  But, then it was not about money anyway. 

Well, it is breakfast time and I am making omelets.