Senators, Reid, Durbin and Harkin have all promised to move this bill (Reid with a direct call to Linda Rivera), but Wall Street financial reform has moved in front over the last week. 

Come on!  The time has come to pass S 510.  Yes, the bill is not perfect.  Yes, it has some amendments, like banning BPA, that might well be dealt with separately, And, small farmers – those that sell farm products direct to individual consumers and not to be resold or mass produced – should have limited oversight by the FDA.  However, the goal here is to create a safe and sustainable food supply so we do not have more Linda Riveras:

Linda, who contracted E. coli O157:H7 and developed HUS, was hospitalized since May 1, 2009 until one week ago.  She is now in rehab, where she is expected to stay for at least six months.

It is time to pass S. 510!

  • Kari

    This is absolutely not the time to push through more progressive legislation that intrudes into people’s lives and potentially dictates what can be grown on one’s own property. If so, someone let the Obama’s know Michelle can start ripping out her “organic” garden, despite Micheal Taylor being appointed by her husband (the antithesis for all things organic).
    Using this woman to promote your agenda is like using Terry Schiavo to promote physician assisted suicide. “Look at what can happen?” as the rally cry. How about this? This is America. We like our freedom. We don’t want you dictating our food supply or sources to us.

  • Richard Rivera

    My wife liked her freedom also until this happened.Now she is learning to do the things we take for granted like walk,talk,brush her hair or her teeth,sometimes even just take a breath. If this bill passes and it saves just 1 or 2 lives and it stops families from going thru what we have had and still are going thru than it is worth it.Companies weather large or small have to be held accountable and sometimes liable for what Americans put on their table.