I was just reading Jeff Benedict’s blog post – “The Book That Changed My Life” – about the 1992-1993 Jack in the Box E. coli Outbreak. He does an in-depth profile of me in his blog today and in the book – “Poisoned” – that is being released in the next few weeks.  Looking at the pictures below, make me think how much my life has changed:


  • Gabrielle Meunier

    The blog alone is a “page turner”. Congratulations Bill and Jeff. I hope the book is a huge success. I know the “star” is one!

  • JJ

    The way I see it, that one of the best parts of life, being able to look back and see how much has changed…as long as the changes are good that is. I’m sure the “you” in 1993 couldn’t have even dreamed of what you’ve done in the years since.

  • Jeff G.

    Its amazing how unexpected things can lead you to find your niche in life. I can’t wait to read the book!