Well, for two years running I did not make the ABA Journal Top 100 Blawgs (Law Blogs).  I can not imagine why with hundreds of subscribers, over 2,000 visitors a day, that I did not make it into the top 100.  Here is the link to the ABA site —- BLAWGS.  Take a look at the 100 listed.  I would love to hear your comments on why my blog did not make the grade.

  • I dunno Bill, Id just say your blog is on my top ten list and im not even a Lawyer…:}
    I actually did look …surprisingly I recognized a couple..but never go to em.
    Really what i like about yours…I never find the info you represent any where else….unlike so many other blogs I find myself sifting through issues or items ive read somewhere else ver-bait-em!

  • Adam Tank

    A few things I noticed that many of the top blogs incorporated that I don’t readily see here on a daily basis:
    1. More coverage on international food safety law.
    2. Guest writers.
    3. Links to other websites to promote your own, especially networking sites such as facebook and myspace. (Believe it or not, there are enough food safety fans out there in the online networking world that would join your cause!)
    4. Media… Pictures, video, even audio.
    Just a couple of ideas. I love the content and you do a phenomenal job updating around the clock. Keep it up.

  • Don Schaffner

    “by lawyers, for lawyers, as chosen by the editors of the ABA Journal”
    Bill, you have great site, but I suspect most of your readers are not lawyers, but rather food safety professionals.
    – Don

  • Nicole

    I think perhaps it could be, in part, because of your censorship of comments. What I mean is that if a person comments, it takes forever for it to be posted because the content is being examined. People like to visit sites where there is an easy exchange of ideas on the blog topic. It expands the topic and we all learn from what everyone has to say. But when it takes a day or more for a comment to appear it discourages people from commenting.
    Personally I love your blog. I check it every day. But I like to also read what people have to say about what you blog about and the comments here are very rare. If you will notice that the comments in the winning blogs for each blog entry are 107, 66, 68, 102. But you have to have some freedom of speech to get that kind of participation.
    Discussion of the issues you present would probably get the blog more noticed. But that means that when people comment, the comment should appear instantly and then other people respond and on and on.

  • D. L. Whitehead

    Why you are not on the list: Envy & jealousy.

  • Such listings are tinsel, nice but no real substance.
    Bill, you reach your intended audience with quality information. You have succeeded, and you have a successful blog by any standard.
    Also, keep in mind that some blogs solicit their readers to vote for them and put hyperlinks to the ABA poll. This certainly skews the results.

  • I think Don might have hit the nail on the head with the “by lawyers, for lawyers” bit. Your blog, in my non-humble opinion, is of far better substance than many of the blogs listed over there. But is it for lawyers? Probably not. It’s for people. The way things should be, I think.
    So many lawyers blog for each other, but you’re blogging for a cause. And you’re doing it better than anyone else I know — and I read a LOT of blogs.
    Still… I think you should be on the list! After all, you’re Batman.

  • Hi!
    I can think of lots of reasons why a blogger doesn’t make a list. Some of them have already been mentioned. Here are a few more …
    this blog isn’t part of that community through outgoing links in the blogroll and posts.
    this blog writes new thoughts that are outside the fishbowl of that list’s thinking.
    this blog is a food safety blog not a law blog.
    this blog is in a class of its own.
    Looks to me like the audience you write for is an entirely different audience than the ones who would be picking blogs from that list. That list isn’t about who’s a good lawyer. It’s simply a list of 100 law blogs.
    Why would you think a list of blogs is particularly important? Anyone can make a list and put anyone on it.
    Your blog is spectacular. You don’t need your name on a list to tell you that. You already know.

  • Bix

    You would have fit in the “Niche” category. I’ll let them know.
    “Top” lists are popularity contests. Like Hollywood awards shows. As Amy and others said, many top blogs are style over substance.

  • Bix

    “There is no calculating the debt humanity owes those who labor without receiving much validation or affirmation for their efforts.”
    – John Robbins