Coming up on about a year ago the CDC announced that Peanut Corporation of America was responsible for sickening over 700 and killing at least nine.  In hearings before the United States House of Representatives, peanut butter with Salmonella positive test results where shown to be knowingly shipped by Stewart Parnell and others.  Now the Lynchburg News Advance reports that, like vultures on a carcass, the "executives and former managers of the now-bankrupt company … [are] fighting among themselves for a piece of a $1 million corporate insurance policy."  Here are the details:

– PCA President Stewart Parnell had demanded $951,000 of the $1 million policy for his legal defense;

– Former Blakely plant manager Samuel Lightsey asked for $500,000 for his defense in an ongoing criminal investigation;

– David Royster III and David Royster IV, former members of the PCA board of directors, asked to have unspecified funds reserved for their use; and

– Joe Sams, a former Blakely plant manager, and Mary Wilkerson, a former Blakely quality assurance manager, asked for $182,000 for legal costs.

So, to date no criminal prosecution of the above (so what exactly have their attorneys been doing?) and not a penny has made it into the hands of the true victims of this horrific food poisoning outbreak.  Stewart Parnell, et al – Have you no shame?

  • Jeff Almer

    According to the Parnell clan, little Stewie never wanted this and never would hurt anyone. A supposed Parnell family friend also had blogged that cockroaches have been “around for thousands of years”, so what’s the harm in having the little critters roam around peanut putter production? One could only conclude the going rate to have your attorney draw up a little slip of paper pleading the fifth in Congress is very expensive these days.

  • Constantine

    Hi from Canada.
    Even if these individuals manage to get away with all of these, I don’t believe they can find a job anywhere any time soon and their names will carry the bad reputation for very long time. In the community around them, they will feel shame to walk on the sidewalk.

  • Randy Napier

    I lost my mother and now have to spend the Holidays alone because of poor poor Stewie. What about the victoms families? I will not rest until Stewart and all responcible are broke and behind bars. I do believe that are government has forgotten about us victoms. To think that I served this same government in the Navy and now I am forgotten. Justice, what Justice….. The prosecuters have a smoking gun. ARE WE JUST SUPPOSE TO FORGET????????????