20150804_174045_resizedI’m having one of those weeks where I am never sure where I am or what time it is as I bounce from Seattle to Los Angeles to Minnesota and now on the plane to Dallas.

I did have the honor of meeting up with a former client and present friend, Jeff Almer, late on Tuesday. Jeff’s mother, Shirley Mae Almer, was one of nine who died from eating Salmonella tainted peanut butter produced by Stewart Parnell (now facing life in prison) and the Peanut Corporation of America (now bankrupt). Jeff said it well:

“She had beaten brain cancer … and, you know, to beat brain cancer and die from simply eating peanut butter is just inexcusable.”

“We were cheated of time with her and we’ll never know how much time we had on this earth with her because her life was taken by greed and negligence of a company.”

Jeff has been tireless in his quest for justice for his mom. He has been to Washington DC countless times seeking safer food all of us and he has sat days in Georgia courtroom as a jury convicted Parnell and others of multiple felony counts.

We all owe this hero thanks.