Next week I ( will be speaking at the University of Minnesota College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences on Tuesday, May 6 at 3:00 PM.  (PowerPoint).  I am a guest lecturer in the Food: Safety, Risk, and Technology class taught by distinguished professor Dr. Ted Labuza.

As those who frequent my blog, I travel widely to address industry, government, and consumer groups in an effort to improve food safety nationwide thought Outbreak Inc.  Next week I will be speaking to the class on the litigation aspects of food safety, including when a person can sue for dangerous or defective goods, federal vs. state litigation, how I choose cases to take on, and what guidance I give to industry on avoiding food borne illness outbreaks.  This is the second time I have traveled to the Twin Cities to address the students of Dr. Labuza’s class.

Marler Clark
, is involved in food borne illness cases around the country and represent a number of Minnesotans who have become ill from eating contaminated food.  Several Salmonella outbreaks have infected Minnesota residents, including ConAgra’s Banquet Pot Pies, Veggie Booty snacks, and food consumed at a Rochester Quiznos.  In addition, the firm represents Minnesotans who have been infected with E. coli O157:H7 in cases against Dole, Nebraska Beef, PM Beef Holdings, AFG/Supervalu, Cargill Meat Solutions, as well as Taco John’s and China Buffet restaurants.

Go Golden Gophers.