Next week many consumers (several past and present clients) will be walking the hallowed halls of the Senate meeting with Senators and staff.  The goal is to make food safety real to those that have the opportunity to in part increase FDA funding, increase inspections of plants that manufacture our food (including foreign companies) and to increase the resources for the CDC to catch outbreaks earlier.

I will be delivering the Senators t-shirts with the following on them:

Whatever gets them to do the right thing is OK with me.

  • Constantine

    Dear Mr. Marler,
    I am a Quality Assurance analyst in a dairy in Canada, having MSc. in Food safety. I like following the food safety news. I want to congratulate you about your website, it provides valuable information.
    There is one thing I don’t understand. Why do you campaign against yourself ? I find it somehow mean.
    We want to eliminate food poisoning. We want to reduce that to a very small percentage. Is it possible to eradicate it, totally make food poisoning disappear ?
    I am not sure.
    I will be very happy if the right steps are taken so that food poisonings are reduced ten fold within the next 3-5 years.
    Please don’t speak negative about your profession, it doesn‚Äôt sound very well.
    What are going to do for living if you stay out of business ? Why don’t you make a career change now to a food safety consultant ?
    Best Regards,

  • CRS

    LOVE the T-shirt!