During yesterday’s Senate debate as a reason not to pass S. 510, Senator Coburn said, “We’ve got the safest food in the world because we’ve got the best legal system in the world!” Or, another way to say it, “we don’t need no stinkin’ food safety bill, we got Bill Marler!”  I nearly fainted.


I love you Senator Coburn.

  • Bill, you are the greatest. I love reading Safety News and your blog.
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  • Gabrielle Meunier

    By the way Senator Coburn, I believe Stewart Parnell from PCA and the 2008/2009 peanutoutbreak was never prosecuted. (Did I hear you say that he was?) To my knoweldge he is free and well and able to poison more people. There was no law on the books to prosecute him under and thus he was free to poison people at will.

  • Jeff Almer

    What I am most thankful for at this Thanksgiving time of year, is that we have such an outstanding leader in the Senate in Dr. Tom Coburn. His capacity to always see the correct way in handling bills and his propensity to hold up legislation with his shrewd and always pure political moves is inspiring! Nobody will ever accuse Dr. Tommy of letting truth get in the way of his version of what is just. Perhaps his shirt should be red white and blue to signify what a great American hero we have in the midst of Capitol Hill.

  • Bix

    76,000,000 food borne illnesses a year. I have a feeling a lot of those people were not compensated for their ails.
    Actually, he makes a good point. Can you imagine the price tag if all of those people sued? We’d have a food safety bill overnight!

  • JOE


  • Cathy Harrison

    When will people wake up and see this guy for what he is……….bought and paid for the special interests on K street.