– Nebraska Beef – For suing a church and once again allowing meat tainted with E. coli O157:H7 into the marketplace, causing an outbreak and recalls in over 7 states.
– Organic Pastures – For selling raw milk across state lines, against the law.
Chinese Government – For their handling of the melamine crisis. Reports of illnesses only began to surface after the Olympics, when many were ill before.
– Aunt Mid’s Produce, for refusing to reveal the supplier of E. coli-tainted lettuce, which Aunt Mid’s distributed.
– USDA/FSIS – For not closing the intact meat loophole in E. coli regulation and for not posting open meat inspection records
– Westland/Hallmark – For slaughtering and selling downer cows.
– FDA – For the stealth reversals on animal antibiotics and mercury in fish.
-Senator Dean Florez – For sponsoring SB201, the “dirty” raw milk bill, that would have left a large and dangerous loophole in raw milk regulation.


– Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger – For vetoing SB 201
– Minnesota Health Department – Team Diarrhea helped solve the salmonella/tomato/pepper mystery as well as the raw frozen chicken entrees making people sick.
– Fresh Express – For a clean outbreak record, donating a healthy sum to research, and sponsoring a technical conference on E. coli in leafy greens.
– Bioniche – For the Development of an E. coli vaccine. We hope it works!
– Food Safety agencies for using social media to get the word out – we’re glad to see you on twitter.
– ConAgra – For inviting me to Omaha to talk to its Food Safety Committee.
– The members of the press who write about food safety – here are a few: Stephen Hedges of the Chicago Tribune, Annys Shin of the Washington Post, Andrew Martin of the New York Times, Elizabeth Weise and Julie Schmit of USA Today, Kent Garber of US News and World report, Phil Brasher of the Des Moines Register. And, the food bloggers: The Ethicurian, Haphazard Gourmet Girls, Efoodalert,, barfblog, and foodsnark.

  • Amy

    I’m loving this list!! And yay for ConAgra for inviting you to Omaha to talk to its Food Safety Committee. Nice… yes! :-)

  • Amy

    Lovely list, Batman. You’re at the top of my “nice” list. :-)

  • From an unnamed reader:
    1) Global American branded corps who KNOW they have products on shelves that contain melamine contamo milk, yet refused to pull them Nestle big offender
    2) Monsanto for dumping tons of money into premptive seed legislation, ACRES project, and lobbying for their patented milk hormone to be industry standard
    3) Social media like Farm Aid and Eat Well and Slow Usa/Civil Eats, for raising awareness of food safety issues and getting their activist eaters to really act
    1)food & water watch,
    2)Environmental Defense,
    3)Blue Ocean Institute, Monterey Bay,
    4) Organic Consumers Assoc.
    All of them have been key this year in raising awareness on food safety issue & govt policies on labeling

  • c. cook

    Mr. Marler: How about reconizing the hundreds of state and local government scientists who jobs are to identify food bourne outbreaks of disese. To the many members of the PULSENET network who have identified the sources of these outbreaks. Without the hard work of these people, identification of these outbreaks would be nearly impossible.