Dear Marler Clark Clients:

We first want to wish you, your family and friends health during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We also want to encourage all to continue social distancing to the greatest extent possible with proper hand-washing and cleaning.  If you are ill, please self-isolate.  The goal here is to avoid overwhelming our health care system.

We also encourage you to help those less fortunate in your communities.  Marler Clark has so far donated $50,000 to area food banks and we plan to do more to help the vulnerable.

At Marler Clark, we began preparing for COVID-19 over a month ago.  All staff and lawyers were provided with home offices.  Everyone is working remotely, although we have one person on a rotating basis available in office daily for mail and other deliveries.

Since our offices are essentially paperless, we all have access to all medical records, bills, health department records and other legal documents to move your case forward.  All staff and lawyers also have access to email and voicemail, so can respond promptly to all clients’ questions or concerns. We are all connected with each other via video conferencing so we can communicate visually, and everyone can feel a bit less isolated.

The legal system has slowed.  Courts have closed for the most part.  Lawyers and insurers representing defendants are also working remotely and are therefore going to be responding slower than usual.  We are, however, committed to pushing all cases forward.

In the coming days we will be updating you personally in separate correspondence about the status of your particular case and perhaps asking for some additional information and documentation.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me directly via email:, direct line: 1-206-346-1890 or cell: 1-206-794-5043.

Bill Marler