"There’s plenty of people in the meat industry who, if they looked in the rearview mirror and saw they accidentally ran over Bill Marler, they’d put the car in reverse and make sure," said David Theno, a food-safety expert hired to revamp Jack in the Box after the outbreak.

Theno, it should be noted, considers Marler a friend.

  • Nicole

    I am sorry Bill, but that was a little bit funny. However, when people want to run you over twice, you know you are doing something right! Don’t ever stop!
    Listen to what just happened to me. I haven’t eaten store bought ground beef in about three years due to the fact that I just do not trust it. I was visiting family in upstate NY in mid October this year. On one evening, my aunt served a chili con carne for dinner. To avoid a discussion of how crazy I am and how food safety obsessed I am, which everyone surely thinks, I just ate it. I didn’t want to, but to avoid being rude, I did.
    A few days later, my aunt called me in a panic to tell me she received a call from Price Chopper telling her that the meat she had purchased based on her shoppers card, which was in her freezer and which she used for the chili was recalled for e-coli. It was the Fairbank Farms recall. The first time I eat ground beef in three years and it is recalled e-coli contaminated meat. What are the chances of that? I guess very high. Fortunately, we did not get sick. And my 84 year old grandparents, who are quite vulnerable, ate it. I am still shaking my head about this. At the time, I was not aware the recall had hit NY or I never would have touched it. I wasn’t paying close enough attention because I don’t ever eat the meat.
    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.