These packets (t-shirt, op-ed and post card) are being hand-delivered to Senators and staff today and Tuesday as part of an effort to jump-start the Senate to pass meaningful food safety legislation – before Thanksgiving.

  • Laura Hendley

    You go, Bill!

  • Nick

    Keep up the good work, sir. The NY Times article is making me seriously consider becoming vegetarian. I can’t understand how these giant food processing companies can’t see that food safety is in THEIR best interests, as it would reassure consumers like me to trust their product. Right now I definitely don’t trust them, or the government, to ensure the quality of meat, so I will so eating it.

  • Chuck Jolley

    Not to let the meat biz off the hook but the food safety problem is more widespread than people think. CNN just published the Center for Science in the Public interest study of the most 10 most dangerous foods. Sea food and vegetables occupied all 10 spots. Nick, going vegetarian isn’t the safe bet you want it to be.

  • cheryl berenson RN, MS-MPH student OHSU

    Hopefully it will jog their brains(guilt/ethics region) to attach more meaning to their responsibilities to their constituents than to the big agribusiness contributors to their re-election campaigns!!GO FOR IT!!!!