I had the opportunity to give a webinar to a group of about 100 people interesting in food safety today.

Producing Food is Risky Business

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The video on slide 7, can be seen here.  And, the handout, can be downloaded here.
  • Javaguy

    Bill: Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us. My team was very impressed and inspired!

  • Dalpay

    Food Safety is double edged sword.

    We need to work collaboratively between growers and consumers. Americans want to launch into better eating habits with more fruits and vegetables. Websites buzz with exotic new treats, eaten raw for full effect. After generations of meals on demand, the American public has forgotten how to safely handle raw foods.

    While the marketplace may provide a healthy product the consumer has no limit to ways to spoil the food between the market and home. Frozen foods transported in a warm vehicle may be spoiled then refrozen. Washing of all vegetables before use helps prevent cross contamination of counters and equipment. Washing of food preparation blenders and juicers is essential to protecting the family from latent bacteria.

    Growers have the responsibility to provide produce and livestock to the consumer using supervised guidelines. As the American marketplace is flooded by imported foods, these guidelines must be enforced on an international level. This exchange takes place though a complicated system of wholesale and retail. Each member has a responsibility to maintain high standards against possibility of spoilage.