The 11th Circuit spoke today:

“With respect to both Stewart and Michael, the evidence of guilt was overwhelming.”  The former PCA chief executive, Stewart Parnell will continue his sentence of 28 years for selling misbranded food, introducing adulterated food into interstate commerce, fraud, conspiracy and other charges related to knowingly allowing peanut butter contaminated with Salmonella to enter the stream of commerce.  His brother Michael will continue serving 20 years for the same offenses.

The Court also found that “the evidence that Wilkerson did know of positive Salmonella results in 2008 was overwhelming. And while the obstruction of justice charge against Wilkerson was based on a single question and answer to Agent Gray during the investigation, the evidence is very clear that defendant Wilkerson lied to Agent Gray about not having knowledge of positive test results.” She will continue serving a five-year prison term for obstruction of justice.

Here is the full decision