We have had the E. coli guide for awhile and are in the process of finalizing the Salmonella guide.  Any suggestions?  Click on picture to download:

  • cheryl berenson RN, MS-MPH student OHSU

    These pamphlets are nice looking and clear, however most patient educational materials should target 5-6th grade level with of 8th grade level writing max.
    The NIH Plain Language Training and Resources is a good guide for producing medical educational materials as well as the published literature/research on health educational literacy levels.
    Just a few changes would bring these nice pamphlets into line with the recommendations.

  • Alhadi M.Wajiej

    Dear sir, Mr Marler Clark :
    Thank you for your great work about food safety . Thank you for sending me the updated information about F.S & F.P , especially wgich related with E. sakazakii in which i am interested .
    I want to ask if you have a parent food safety guide for Enterobacter sakazakii . Thank you very much for kind reply . Good luck .