Registration is now open for the Virtual Food Safety Summit 2020 South Africa, scheduled for 3rd November 2020. This event is a joint venture hosted by Food Focus and Anelich Consulting.

It will be hosted by professor Lucia Anelich, director of Anelich Consulting, and Linda Jackson, director of Food Focus.

With 2020’s widespread global disruption because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food industry was not spared. In times of crisis, more than ever, the provision of safe, affordable, and nutritious food is key to supporting health, according to the event organizers. Food safety, food security, the food supply chain, and economic challenges, amongst others are all considerations that merit attention.

“As we approach the end of 2020, there is no better time to reflect on the disruptions and challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us. The provision of safe, affordable, and nutritious food remains key to supporting health, particularly in times of crisis when food (shortages) are often experienced. Join us as we explore the many challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the food industry, together with opportunities it has created, and lessons learned as we prepare for food safety in 2021.” said professor Lucia Anelich, food safety expert and owner of Anelich Consulting.

This food safety summit is designed to do two things — first is to reflect on the emergency preparedness procedures  used this year. For those who have not had to use them, this gives us the ideal opportunity to review what we have in theory and ensure that we have a feasible solution should it be needed.

“Emergency planning has always been part of a food safety management system, but fortunately we very seldom need to deal with emergency situations on a real basis. . .  until 2020. In an unprecedented year, where we have had to deal with a pandemic, food security issues, a potentially disrupted supply chain, staff wellbeing, and many other real emergency situations, we have been taught a lot about our food safety management systems and where our potential weaknesses are,” says Linda Jackson, founder, and owner of Food Focus.

The second aim of the event is to celebrate industry successes. Though the year has been marred with many disappointments and a great deal of stress, the food industry has been operating in full force as an essential service from Day 1 of lockdown and has proved its resilience and courage, the event announcement said. This summit provides an opportunity to celebrate and to thank the many food safety heroes who have made a difference this year.

“Besides all of this,” add Anelich and Jackson, “achieving our targets for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 has perhaps been hampered due to the pandemic and this summit will provide a chance to review our progress to determine whether we are still on track.”

In line with social distancing practices and other safety measures, the event is being held virtually this year but is designed to keep attendees engaged and connected throughout. Presentations, Q&A sessions, and virtual sponsor meetings will be part of the event.

The summit features a line-up of speakers, both international and domestic.

Speakers Include: 

  • Bill Marler, attorney and food safety advocate, MarlerClark
  • Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner, Food Policy and Response – U.S. FDA
  • Wayne Anderson, Director of Food Science, and Standards – Food Safety Authority of Ireland
  • Kalmia Kniel, President – International Association for Food Protection
  • Dawie Roodt, chief economist – Efficient Group
  • Kaarin Goodburn, secretary – Chilled Food Association
  • John Donaghy, head of Food Safety (Microbiology/Allergens) Corporate Operations – Quality
    Management – Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.
  • Professor Lucia Anelich – Anelich Consulting
  • Elsabe Mathee, FSSC Foundation
  • Richard Swannell, WRAP
  • Linda Jackson, Food Focus
  • Gerhard Neethling, Red Meat Industry Forum
  • Lianne Jones, Country Manager South Africa – Produce Marketing Association
  • Matlou Setati, FSI Executive – Consumer Goods Council of South Africa
  • Jane Nock, In2Foods
  • Karin Carstensen, regulatory affairs – Woolworths
  • Professor Leon Gorris, independent food safety expert – Food Safety Futures
  • Proffessor Michelle Danyluk, food science – The University of Florida
  • Professor Ryk Lues, Director – CAFSaB, CUT
  • JP. v. Lewinski, AIG Global Insurers
  • Kevin O’Brien, risk executive – SPAR Group

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