I have been up to my knees in Poisoned Peanut Butter over the last few weeks.  Between Congressional Hearings, Criminal Investigations, Bankruptcies, Lawsuits, a Declaratory Judgment Action, more Lawsuits and suing Mr. Parnell (aka Peanut Tycoon) personally, the speeches I am giving at the National Meat Association in Vegas (Sunday/Monday) and the Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association in Palm Springs (Tuesday/Wednesday) this coming week came up fast.

Now, do not be envious, over the last 15 years, I have sued on behalf of food poisoning victims, most of the attendees at the meetings or have been against the lawyers attending.  Actually, for all of us who care about food safety, feel positive that I have even been invited.  Questions is – am I "Daniel in the lion’s den" or the "fox in the hen house?"  I best bring gifts.

  • Perhaps the Trojan Horse?

  • Larry Andrew

    I agree that gifts are appropriate. How about gift certificates for some type of peanut butter products from Kellogs, Clif Bar, King Nut, etc.

  • Bix

    Nice that you were invited. What is that saying … Best to have your enemies inside aiming out, than outside aiming in.