07h30 Registration & Refreshments

08h30 Symposium Starts

17h00 Symposium Closes

This ground-breaking symposium will address the issues surrounding the very relevant topics of foodborne

illnesses and food fraud – the risks, responsibilities and liabilities.

Note: Book giveaways will be taking place throughout the course of the day.

08h30 Symposium Welcome and Introductions

08h45 Session 1: Bill Marler

Wake up & be prepared

What we can learn from historical events

Why is this a growing issue

How the USA addresses these issues

09h45 Technical Commentary: Donna Crockart (GM Intertek Services Pty Ltd SA)

The status quo in South Africa

Overview of current practices and issues

What is actually happening

09h55 Technical Commentary: Dr Ricky Montalbano (Medical Practitioner & OHS Practitioner SA)

The role of Medical practitioners in foodborne illness outbreaks

Theoretical status vs. reality

Reporting of incidents – is it happening?

Medical Practitioner Insurance cover

10h05 Technical Commentary: Janusz Luterek (Legal Professional SA)

The status of the Legal system in South Africa

What does the law not cover?

Is the industry prepared for foodborne illness or food fraud incidents?

10h15 Technical Commentary: Rosalind Lake (Legal Professional SA)

What will happen when consumer awareness increases

How the National Consumer Commission is driving awareness

What role does the media play in impacting consumer response

What does the future hold – will prosecution become the norm?

10h25 Book signing and refreshments

10h45 Session 2: Bill Marler

Where do you start in preventing a food-poisoning incident

Putting the right things in place

What happens when the precautions are not enough

11h15 Session 3: Bill Marler & Technical Experts

The life-cycle of a foodborne illness outbreak – utilizing examples

Who is involved at the different stages of the process

What are the dangers and how could these have been prevented

12h15 Questions & Answers

12h30 Book Signing & Lunch

13h30 Session 4: Bill Marler & Technical Experts

Practical case study breakaways

Potential scenarios and solutions

Targeted sector discussions

15h00 Book Signing & Tea

15h20 Session 5: Bill Marler & Delegates

Delegate feedback


16h30 Session 6: Bill Marler

Putting it all together – lessons learned from litigation

16h50 Closing & Thanks

17h00 Symposium Closes & Handout of Certificates

18h00 Cocktail Networking Function

21h00 Close of event

07h30 Registration & Refreshments

08h30 Symposium Starts

12h00 Symposium Closes

A targeted morning session involving an in-depth discussion of the risks and liabilities within food production and the problems faced within the industry.

Note: Delegates may only register for Day 2 in conjunction with Day 1.

08h30 Symposium Welcome & Intro

08h40 Session 1: Bill Marler & Janusz Luterek

Delegate input regarding the main risks which are key within their sector


09h25 Session 2: Bill Marler & Technical Experts

Targeted questions relating to the prevention & management of an incident

Handling of customer complaints relating to food poisoning

10h05 Session 3: Bill Marler & Technical Experts

Tools for identifying and managing risk

The effectiveness of a contingency plan

10h25 Book signing & refreshments

10h45 Session 4: Bill Marler & Technical Experts

The pros and cons of recalls

Voluntary vs mandatory recall

The USA recall model

The South African recall model

11h15 Session 5: Industry Specialists

Are you covered in case of recall, food fraud case or illness foodborne outbreak

Public liability and product liability

Insurance options for food manufacturers & Retailers

11h30 Questions & Answers

11h50 Close & Thanks

12h00 Symposium Closes & Handout of Certificates