Listeria Death Collage.jpgEach of the above died because they ate a listeria-tainted cantaloupe in the United States of America in 2011.  And, these are only my clients, not all of the 36 who died.

To the growers, shippers, brokers, auditors and retailers who supplied those cantaloupes in the summer of 2001, shame on you.  You will have your day of reckoning in a court of law.  To the politicians and public officials, it is time to do your jobs.  To all of you, print this picture and vow that this will never happen again.

Here are all Six Parts of The Deadly 2011 Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak – My View – Download PDF.

  • Paul

    This is so sad that words cannot describe !!! My thoughts are with all of their families.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    Bill, I am afraid that all of our officials have moved on. I am sure that contraception, vaginal probes, sharia law, Planned Parenthood and other nonsense is much more important to the American people! Listeria and other food borne illnesses affect All Americans. We deserve congressional hearings about this listeria outbreak. People became ill and some (36 & 1 miscarriage) have died and our leaders don’t give a damn!!!
    Section 51 Row 1 Grave 3

  • Sam

    Take no prisoners Bill!
    There is a special place in hell for the third party auditor who gave Jensen Farms “excellent” ratings.

  • Donna Wells Lloyd

    I just sent off my second letter to my representative, Congressman Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee. I’m expecting the same response I got the first time. . .nothing, but I had to try. Best thoughts to the families. I miss my dad.

  • Nothing can restore to those families what was taken, our deepest sympathies….
    When will the industry stop thinking of food safety as a take-it-or-leave-it option, and realise that it is a non-negotiable that affects lives!!