Salmonella Contamination Hearing
Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations
10:00 a.m. February 11, 2009
2123 Rayburn House Office Building

I have been asked to bring some clients from the recent Salmonella outbreak to Washington DC to give the Subcommittee a flavor of what it is like for your child to eat peanut butter and watch your child become ill, and for your father to eat peanut butter and watch your father die.

This is the third time before this Subcommittee pitching food safety – "Third time’s the Charm?"

  • Nicole

    Mr. Marlor sir, might I strongly suggest that while you are in Washington, you ask that they name you food safety czar and then I will feel safer.
    It seems to me that our companies, food and otherwise, are being run by sociopaths who are apathetic, amoral and idless (What is between the ego and superego). The PCA got caught only because people died and got sick. That is the only way companies that cut corners, at the risk of life, are stopped. That is a free market at work. But, you can’t have a free market system that is safe when it is run by sociopaths. I can only wonder how many other manufacturers have similar issues but have dodged the bullet so far.
    I shake my head with each entry that you write. I have so much to say yet I am speechless. I hated China deeply for killing my cat and have tried my hardest not to purchase anything from that country, knowingly at least. But you know, how much better is the US. Shame on us.
    And I think Hartford is disclaiming based on an intentional act. That is where criminal prosecution, although we want these people to go to jail very much or at the very least be tied to a hill with red ants, hurts the injured person. Because a conviction based on an intentional act allows the insurance company to attempt to disclaim.