Statement from Jeffrey W. Schneider, Senior Vice President, ABC News:

“The lawsuit is without merit. We will contest it vigorously.”

Origin of the term “Pink Slime,”  “Meet the Man Who Coined the Term ‘Pink Slime’”

New York Times piece in December 2009 quoted a Zirnstein email calling the product “pink slime.”  “Safety of Beef Processing Method is Questioned”

Examples of prior reporting before first on-air ABC News report on March 7:

·         “McDonald’s Drops Use of Gooey Ammonia-based ‘Pink Slime’ in Hamburger Meat,”,

·         “Pink Slime Removed from McDonald’s Burgers – but Other Food Additives Remain,” Washington Post,

·         “’Pink Slime’ in School Lunches: Government is Buying 7 Million Pounds Worth,” Washington Post,

·         “Partners in ‘Slime’,” The Daily,

Bettina Siegel’s petition on change.orgTell USA to Stop Using Pink Slime in School Food

USDA announcement on March 15 about school lunch program:

“USDA: Schools Can Decide If ‘Pink Slime’ Is Used in Lunches,” USA Today,