Screen Shot 2011-09-20 at 7.14.12 PM.pngWell, likely she is.

I was in Denver today at the Nation’s Restaurant News Food Safety Symposium to give a speech to restaurateurs on how to avoid spending quality time with me after poisoning your customers. Oddly, given the Listeria deaths linked to Colorado cantaloupe increasing (will be pushing 10 in a few days) across the United States, sharing the Conference Center with folks interested in cremation was a bit creepy.

In transit to another speech – this time to Phoenix to the Defense Research Institute – a group of lawyers bent on proving that I am more often wrong than right (they must be talking to my wife and kids) – I missed Congress Member Michele Bachmann’s latest witticism.

According to news reporters spending time with her in a USDA regulated, 140-year-old, family-run meatpacking plant (how fun is that?) in Des Moines, Bachmann took a turn at cutting ribeye steaks in a chilly meat locker as she pushed back against regulations for food makers.

Michele-Bachmann-Republican-Presidential-Candidate-Mouth-Wide-Open.jpgAs one reporter said:

A week after the Agriculture Department announced wider testing for potentially deadly E. coli in meat, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Tuesday that regulations were overburdening food producers.

Of course, Bachmann is against any regulation – food safety being her flavor of the day. When congress passed a sweeping FDA food safety bill at the end of last year, with strong support from industry, consumer groups and the Obama administration, Bachmann was among those who voted against it. The bill’s focus was on large producers and imports, both major culprits in foodborne illness outbreak over the last decades. But, to Bachmann, all regulation is bad.

But someone forgot to tell her photo-op, Amend Packing Co. That 140-year-old USDA regulated business has apparently never been cited for food-safety violations. Hmm, I wonder if it has something to do with regulations?

Yes, Michele Bachmann is as crazy as she looks.

  • Todd Gardner

    Scary! She also said earlier this year in Cincord, NH that she was happy to be where “the shot heard around the world had occurred.” She is so wrong on so many levels and fails to see that no one entity or person has all the answers to the systematic dilemmas we face as a society. Food safety will take government, corporations, communities and even lawyers on both sides to solve the problem. Your work is important as is regulation. Corporations, in cleaning up the entire system they inhabit, must become more sustainable (which includes not poisoning its customers) which will benefit all of us. Keep up the pressure and keep open the dialogue.

  • Amy Gosla

    this just reinforced my ideas about her ideas….thanks for posting

  • Minkpuppy

    *whisper* Will someone please make the crazy lady go away? She frightens me.
    I also noticed her blatant disregard for Good manufacturing practices as evidenced by her attire in the photo op: No hair net or head covering, jewelry, bare legs, open-toed, high-heel wedge sandals. All big no-no’s on the production floor for safety and food hygeine reasons.
    Hmmmm….a 140 yr old business that has never been cited for food safety violations? Sounds like a company that cares about doing things right. I do find it highly unlikely that they’ve never goofed up in all that time but maybe I’ve just become too cynical in my old age. In my experience, a lack of documentation doesn’t necessarily mean everything’s hunky-dory. It just means it wasn’t documented or witnessed so it could be documented. Ooops. There goes my cynical side again…..

  • Mrs. Mudder

    The problem is “kissin’ up when one is wanting to have ANYTHING at ANYPRICE”! (more food poisoning is NOT what we need).
    The situation of “OUR” food safety EVERYWHERE is in
    DIRE trouble. HELP IS NEEDED NOW to change and ENFORCE
    OUR FOOD SAFETY procedures!! Otherwise, we may be committing
    “illegal, legal murder”!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  • Sam

    Sad part? She’s just deranged enough to lead the gop to a victory in 2012. If Obama (The Constipated One) doesn’t show some serious leadership soon, our worst nightmare could become reality!