I was traveling somewhere on a case last week when I was struck by the media focus on “Oprah’s see-saw battle of the bulge.”  Hmmm, I thought… I have been practicing law for 20 years now – 15 of which have been food poisoning cases.  During that time, I have cut back on my marathon running (OK, exercise in general) and I work and travel a lot whacking “evil-doer” food manufacturers, and eating and drinking too much.  So, in empathy to Oprah, I am now launching a downward trend from 205 lbs – goal is 175lbs.  I cannot stop suing companies, working too much or traveling (unless companies want to stop poisoning their customers), but I can cut back on my consumption and dust off the running shoes.   I also made a deal with fellow blogger, Eddie of the Hapazard Gourment GIrls that she will stop smoking.  I will keep you all posted.