After a few months of not commuting by ferry from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle, and not spending days on that ferry or an airplane flying around the world, I decided to land back on Bainbridge Island with my law office – or at least the island version of the Seattle version. Over the next weeks check out the transformation of the building. We will be painting inside and out, and fixing up the landscaping and parking spaces and adding a sign above the awning. A new 25 foot flag pole is coming (the base is presently hidden by weeds) We plan on putting up a hand sanitizer and mask dispenser station outside for all to use. There are 10 parking spaces – we intend to rent 8 for $200 per month (email me at and donate the other 2 for people in medical or financial need (might need some help finding the right fit – ideas welcome). It takes me 21 minutes to walk from my home to the office.  Please stop in, but wear a mask.