Boy, when you get mentioned (well, OK, it only said “that Seattle law firm”) in a defense firm’s PR brochure, you know you have made it.

Paul M. Pohl (Mickey)
, of the Jones Day (2,200 lawyers in 30 offices around the world – must be crowded, we only have six lawyers, but one lawyer per office at Marler Clark) Pittsburgh office, recently wrote an interesting article entitled: “A Smorgasbord of Attacks on the Food Industry.”

One would think in reading the article that the poor, $100s of billions Food Industry is being unfairly attacked for sickening 76,000,000, hospitalizing 325,000 and killing 5,000 Americans annually (CDC).  I shot Mickey and email this morning offering to help write his next piece – we shall see.  I took a “slightly” different approach in an article I produced for the Defense Research Institute  entitled:  “Separating the Chaff from the Wheat : How to determine the strength of a foodborne illness claim.”
Also, come to think about it, I do know that Jones Day, or at least their clients, know Marler Clark – they have sent us several large multi-million dollar checks on behalf of customers they poisoned over the years.  But, hey, who can get mad at a grown man named Mickey.