I was reading The China Daily (my source of “real news”) and stumbled across this article by Zhu Zhe – “Beijing food, drug safety drive ‘complete success.’”  Unlike Food Safety Authorities in every other part of the world, Chinese “[a]uthorities in Beijing Wednesday declared the city’s four-month campaign against unsafe food and drugs a "complete success". The campaign, which was part of a nationwide drive launched in August, resulted in 120 tons of substandard food products being either destroyed or removed from shelves, Vice-Mayor Lu Hao told a work conference that was broadcast live on the central government website www.gov.cn.

Other achievements included:

– The confiscation of 7,335 kg of illegally produced salt products and 2,115 kg of meat products that had not gone through proper quarantine checks.

– The destruction of 5,860 tons of fake or highly poisonous pesticides.

– The investigation of 18,000 cases involving the illegal sale of food products.

– The revocation of 15 food exporters’ licenses and destruction of 4,000 kg of unsafe imported aquatic products.

– The removal from shelves of 309 kinds of drugs, and orders issued to 165 producers of drugs and medical devices to make corrections, 60 of which had their licenses revoked.

Lu said the safety of food and drugs in the city has been greatly improved following the four-month effort.  Wow, we need to start importing, not only more Chinese food, but Chinese Food Safety Authorities.