I just got this tweet:

@PhilipBrasher: Sen. Thune says #foodsafety bill is now dead. #S510

And, I got this email from a staffer – “Whole Dem Caucus in total disarray. Rank and file are mad at Reid for pushing DADT, Dream Act, etc. It’s a cluster.”

Howver, I guess Senator Thune should know.  As Stephen Colbert said the other evening:

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  • Sam

    I want my vote for Obama back. Where is the leadership in this country?
    At this rate, Mr. Marler will NEVER go out of business.

  • Gabrielle Meunier

    It is not over until the fat vegetable sings. WE MUST PROVE SENATOR THUNE (a.k.a. Afrin Box model) WRONG.

  • Gabrielle Meunier

    I just heard that S. 510 is far from dead. The Bill just needs to get back from the House ASAP. Then, because of Senator Coburn’s filibuster, the Senate will need 60 hours floor time and then vote, but this WILL happen. DO NOT FEAR (yet!).