In the last four weeks I have been home in Seattle a total of about four days.  I have crossed the country several times testifying before the US House and the CA Senate about food safety, as well as talking to industry groups.  I have also been spending too much time with lawyers.  I did make some progress on the 2006 Wendy’s E. coli outbreak in Utah and was able to resolve three more HUS cases from the 2006 Dole Spinach E. coli outbreak.  A bit ragged, I was heartened by a letter I received from the King County Bar Association today announcing that they had selected me for their “2008 Outstanding Lawyer Award.”  Will wonders never cease?

According to their website, the King County Bar Association provides support to its diverse membership; promotes a just, collegial and accessible legal system and profession; works with the judiciary to achieve excellence in the administration of justice; strives to benefit the community through its own efforts and those of its Foundation; and offers opportunities for public service and input into matters of public policy.  Founded in 1886 and incorporated in 1906, the King County Bar Association is the largest voluntary bar association in the state of Washington, with approximately 6,000 members.

Hmmm, there certainly must be many more outstanding lawyers here in Seattle.  Perhaps they felt sorry for my travel schedule?  Who would want to leave?