In an odd sense of coincidence on the timing of the release of the book “Poisoned” – The True Story of the E. coli Outbreak that changed the way American’s Eat (pre-order at Amazon)– KCTS’s – “How Safe is your Burger” has been nominated for Emmy.  Another story I was involved in got the New York Times and reporter Michael Moss a Pulitzer. (Note to reporters).

The below piece focuses early on the Jack in the Box outbreak which is the story of “Poisoned.

Watch the full episode. See more KCTS 9 Lead Story.

  • I’m really glad you posted this video, otherwise I may not have seen it. A good story by KCTS and I hope it wins an Emmy. While I think it’s well done, it would also be beneficial if it wins simply to bring more attention to this issue.

    I’m not about to tell people whether or not they should eat meat, as that is their decision, but I do hope that those who do eat meat look into the issues that surround it and advocate for better, safer food legislation for themselves and future generations. We all should.

    After all, whether it’s a bag of contaminated spinach, or pound of ground beef, e.coli is e.coli.