Over the years, I have had a disagreement or two with the CDC, but I never, ever thought for a moment that the premier public health agency in the world was anything less than that.  Everyone interested in any aspect of public health, and specifically the COVID-19 pandemic should read the letter below.

From the pages of The Washington Post as first reported by USA Today:

WILLIAM FOEGE, a legendary figure in public health who helped devise the strategy that curtailed smallpox in West and Central Africa in the late 1960s and who led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, wrote a letter Sept. 23 to the current CDC director, Robert Redfield. The letter has now been disclosed by USA Today and should be read by everyone concerned by President Trump’s dreadful response to the coronavirus pandemic and his corrosive politicization of public health.


It is true, “Everything Tump Touches, Dies”.