My oldest daughter is a budding photographer.  Here is a story that ran in our local paper this AM – "Photography students giving back to inspirational BHS class" – email me if anyone who attends the show wants a print or two.

"Bainbridge High School senior Morgan Marler has organized a photo show at Andante Coffee to highlight the talents of her fellow students and raise money for the class that fostered their work. All proceeds from the sale of the framed prints will help buy photography supplies for the class. Morgan took the above photo from inside the old Port Blakely mill building at Blakely Harbor Park.

I sent a few questions to Morgan to see what’s what."

Why did you decide to organize this show?

Initially, I intended to show photos I shot in Thailand in august of 2008 (proceeds would have been directed to a number of NGOs I visited while I was there) but unfortunately my exterior hard drive crashed and I lost the majority of my photos. I did not have enough photos for a show so I began asking other photo students if they would be interested in contributing work. Because the work is all by students who got their start from the BHS photo program, it only seemed right that we would give any proceed back to a program which has given us so much.

What got you in to photography?

I began taking photos in middle school, just of friends and family, nothing serious. It wasn’t until my sophomore year, when taking a black and white photo class from Mrs. Holsman, did I really discover my passion. Mrs. Holsman didn’t just teach me how to take a photo, she taught me how to share the way I see the world. Everyone views the world differently and photos allow people to look at things in a way they might not have. I have played sports, been in plays, sang in choirs, and danced in recitals, but nothing compares to the feeling I get when I hear the click of my shutter. Photography is my way of expressing myself, and I have Mrs. Holsman, Mrs. Neuhauser and the BHS photo program to thank for allowing me the opportunity to learn about photography.

Why is the photography program important to you and other students?

Photography allows an individual to share their view of the world. Without the photo program, students at BHS wouldn’t have the opportunity to explore a different creative avenue. Every year BHS competes in the state photo competition, and every year we are among the tops schools. There is so many talented photographers at BHS, and many agree that they wouldn’t have been as successful if it was not for the photography program.

Is the program struggling financially, or in danger of being canceled?

The program is not struggling financially nor is it in danger of being canceled. With the current economy, BHS has found more families in general asking for help with fees related to school. My goal is to display work at Andante and hopefully sell a few pieces. Any proceeds made will be a way to give back and to help give the opportunity to all of the kids who want to take the class but might not be able to afford it. Film, paper, cameras, ink and other equipment for developing are more expensive than some people might think.

–Andante Coffee is in the Seabreeze building, 123 Bjune Drive.