I’m heading to the Institute of Food Technologists’ Annual Meeting in California in a few weeks to talk about Leafy Greens and Food Irradiation – Pros and Cons. In addition to the below PowerPoint, I will be handing out my DRAFT Publication “Pros and Cons of Commercial Irradiation of Fresh Iceberg Lettuce and Fresh Spinach: A Literature Review” as well as my Law Partner, Denis Stearn’s book chapter “A Future Uncertain – Food Irradiation from a Legal Perspective.”

  • cheryl berenson-MPH student at OHSU

    A very informative and well written article– this dilemma deals with population health and therefore appears to me to be a big motivator for public health to be at the table(no pun intended).
    Have the CDC/state public health departments taken a position on the issue and what are the mechanisms for an intervention such as with fluoridation of municipal water supplies–through legislative efforts and mandates for irradiation of certain produce in the US? and the need to involve public health in an initiative for public education about irradiation and its safety and benefits?
    thanks for sharing this….