The rumors are flying around here on the Eastside of Crete that President Obama and family will be staying here in Elounda soon.  If true, I must admit that it is not that bad of an idea.  The weather is perfect, the water clear and warm, the food fresh and healthy and ancient history at every turn.

Whether he shows or not, it was good to see that he was working (press release below) when I was visiting historical sites.

Statement by the President on Food Safety

“A year ago today, the Food Safety Working Group, chaired by Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, announced key findings on how to upgrade the food safety system. Since then, my Administration has taken steps to reduce the prevalence of E. coli, implemented new standards to reduce exposure to Campylobacter, and issued a rule to control Salmonella contamination. Among other accomplishments, the FDA has conducted a pilot study on a tracing system, and HHS, in collaboration with USDA, has rolled out an enhanced and updated site to provide consumers rapid access to information on food recalls.

But there is more to be done. Today, I thank the House for its work and support efforts in the Senate to pass S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. This bipartisan bill would complement the work already undertaken by the Food Safety Working Group. The bill addresses longstanding challenges in the food safety and defense system by promoting a prevention-oriented approach to the safety of our food supply and provides the Federal Government with the appropriate tools to accomplish its core food safety goals.”

If you ever wonder why this food safety legislation is important, see CNN’s Val Willingham’s "A year later, ‘heroic’ E. coli survivor still battling."