Superman.gifWell, perhaps not.

USA Todays, Kim O’Donnel, gave a “shout-out” to Food Safety New’s own Lois Lane, Helena Bottemiller in her article “Your source for safety information:”

jpgFor many new college grads, that first job typically is an entry-level gig with little fanfare or responsibility. For Seattle-area native Helena Bottemiller, it’s been anything but lackluster. Shortly after she graduated from Claremont McKenna College in June 2009, food-safety lawyer Bill Marler snapped her up to be part of his new online publication, Food Safety News.

The website launched in September 2009; by its first anniversary, Bottemiller had covered the Food and Drug Administration’s 85 food recalls (that’s more than one a week), including the infamous salmonella outbreak that resulted in a half-billion egg recall last August. She has covered several other high-profile stories, including seafood safety in the wake of the BP oil spill and congressional hearings for the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which passed in December. At just 24 years old, Bottemiller is becoming something of a Lois Lane in food journalism.