Oldest daughter was taking the SAT’s, middle daughter we dropped at softball practice, so the youngest one and I went to the Farmer’s Market – a big deal on the Island on a Saturday.  We picked up some fresh strawberries (ours at home are not ripe), a couple more pepper plants and a bag of fresh spinach (I just planted some).  I then asked the cheese lady if the milk used was pasteurized (was given a polite glare and a no).  I really need to take a day off.  By the way, that is daughter Sydney below – she attended a Congressional Hearing in Washington DC on food safety on her 8th birthday.

  • Marymary

    From your experience, it sounds as if the raw milk cheese was not labeled as such and that there was no signage at the cheese stand. Also, I’m curious as to how any potentially hazardous food is being sold at a farmers’ market. Are the stands with cheese, eggs, meat, etc., relying upon plastic coolers or do they have access to electricity and have regular refrigerators? Sorry, I’m just very curious, as the standards for farmers’ markets vary depending upon location.