Guess what?  It is business as usual for the U.S. Congress.  Hidden in the $124,000,000,000 Iraq War Spending Bill is Sec. 3103, submitted by Congressman Sam Farr (D-CA), entitled – Spinach – is a $25,000,000 earmark to the same people who poisoned over 200 and killed 4 people in last year’s Spinach E. coli outbreak (and there have been other spinach E. coli outbreaks in the past).  One may ask what a spinach subsidy is doing in a war bill – perhaps a biological weapon?  Here is the bill’s language:

There is hereby appropriated to the Secretary of Agriculture $25,000,000, to remain available until expended, to make payments to growers and first handlers, as defined by the Secretary, of fresh spinach that were unable to market spinach crops as a result of the Food and Drug Administration Public Health Advisory issued on September 14, 2006. The payment made to a grower or first handler under this section shall not exceed 75 percent of the value of the unmarketed spinach crops.

Congressman Farr, you make me sick.  How can you give s subsidy to an industry when the families of people who died or children who will need kidney transplants have yet to receive a settlement?  You should be ashamed.

My challenge to the Spinach industry – refuse the money.  Ask that the money be used in university research to prevent the next outbreak or to subsidize the FDA or California Department of Health to afford to actually monitor your practices.

By the way – I have been a life-long Democrat and a fundraiser for Democratic politicians.

  • Maybe you should turn your crosshairs on pork next. You would have my full support. What is spinach money doing in a spending bill? Why do representatives think that it is ok to circumvent the democratic process to steal money from us the taxpayers for their constituents. Sickening is just the word for it.

  • Michelle

    As parents of a child who was sickened by the spinach outbreak what can we do to let congress know how disgusting it is for them to in essence “reimburse” the spinach industry for lack of business due to thier negligence?

  • Ana Maria Zientek

    I’m not sure why, but I have always wondered what your political stance was. Now that I know, at least I don’t have to justify to my family “He’s apperantly a terrific lawyer, it’s too bad he’s a republican.” I can now sleep soundly, with no inner ethical conflict! Hurray! Keep the information flowing-I have refrenced your Listeria blog to some of the pre-natal classes I teach.
    Ana Zientek (Your Milwaukee, WI client)

  • Michelle

    I have written all 3 of Utah’s congressmen as well as both of our senators letting my feelings be known about this and I’m asking asking all of my family memebers to write their congressmen as well. I would encourage all of the family’s affected by this to do the same.

  • Pat Scherzinger

    Thank you for making this article available to those of use who have been affected by the e-coli spinach
    outbreak. Our granddaughter Arabella Matthews suffered from the last outbreak in Sept of 2006. As a result she became very ill. She went into kidney failure and had to be put on dialous. She needed blood transfusions and we almost lost her when she reacted to the pain medication and couldn’t have any. As a result she will have to be monitored the rest of her life for kidney problems and her immune system has been damaged. She is only 2 years old.
    Yes, and you have it. The family has not been reinbursed one dime by the company that promised to
    take care of the hospital bills. Over $40,000.00 for a young family just getting started. And to boot, this all happened one week after their second child Teague was born. Oh, yes, and by the way, Michelle my daughter had it also and was in bed for over a week, with a new baby and a 2 year old.
    You don’t really realize the affect something like e-col has on small children. I know I never did. Yes, I will keep this information going and have e-mailed everyone on my site this information.
    Is it of any use. We are up against big guys in the government and lets face it we are nothing to them. We only live by the skin of our teeth, while they bask in the luxery of big government money and spending. And yes, they can hide it in places we don’t even know of.
    Thank you and Sincerely
    From an Angry Grandmother
    Pat Scherzinger

  • Vickie

    This is just another way our money is being miss appropriated. I am sick to death of it. The people who were affected by this should get some help before the industry that caused the problem in the first place does. Congress needs to start listening to us as American citizens on all matters of interest for our country.

  • This guy
    has a nice little utility to get the contact info for your senators and congressmen for anyone interested in letting the people who are supposed to represent your interests know how you feel about these kinds of shenanigans.

  • Carolyn Ward-Neel

    I’m a Cousin to Little Arabelle Matthews’s Family , that’s so ill right now.
    It also sickness me that our
    AMERICAN GOVERMENT ; That Clams to care about
    it’s PEOPLE.They all keep getting DUMBER AND DUMBER;
    just like the movie.
    I really believe that, ” We The People “, could
    run this country of ours better; then some of
    the Men & Women that are running it now!
    Michelle & Jeff & Arabella Matthews you are all in my Prayers and Thoughts and I will also write my
    Texas Sentor and Governor about this matter.
    Keep the Faith ; that due will be SERVED TO THOSES
    Carolyn Ward-Neel
    A Mad Texas American !