Congress, I have not much to say about this, except:

  • How about an Open Letter by you in the NY Times?

  • Bix

    Am I the only one who can’t see this?

  • @KyFarmersMatter

    I am surprised by your support of this bill (as it is written). This bill punishes small scale food processors, home based food processors, micro processors, farm based distributors, everything small scale.
    The language must be strengthened. We all want a safer food supply, but this bill favors the problem (large food business) and punishes the alternative and possibly the cure (small scale local processors).
    Do you advocate for large food business? Do you believe this bill will cure Ecoli contamination in meat? In effect, this bill exempts the ecoli tainted meats. There are HUGE problems with this bill. Publicity makes it appear that we small farms and small food processors are against food safety. It is absurd. We are the safer food supply. Why are we being punished?

  • We all make choices from our own perspective. In the last weeks I have met with a family of a 4 year old who suffered a stroke from E. coli and will loose her kidneys. I have me with the family of a 55 year old women who has been hospitalized since May 2 and who just got of dialysis, again due to E. coli. And, I sat across the kitchen table of a family who lost their 7 year old due to E. coli. So, give me a break that I do not make the ‚Äúperfect the enemy of the good‚Äù ‚Äì OK?

  • Mary

    Can someone explain just what provisions of the legislation were harmful to small producers? I’ve heard alot of alarmist statements, but little in the way of explanation as to why this bill would have been so terrible. Could the bill have been amended in such a way that small producers would have had reasonable standards that they could work with, but still would have been required to adhere to safe food practices?
    From my experience, small does not necessarily equal safe any more than big equals unsafe. The bad practices of small producers simply affect fewer consumers. Big food producers tend to take shortcuts with food safety because of profit, and frankly, because they get away with it much of the time due to inadequate regulations and inspections. Small producers, while often well-meaning, nice people, tend to have little knowledge of food safety. I am all for farmers’ markets and small-scale food producation, but only if safety is a priority for the small producers.

  • Matt

    @Mary — I heard the alarmist statements, got scared, then started reading. I encourage others to do the same.
    Search for the word ‘farm’ — they are excluded.
    Search for the word ‘facility’ – home businesses are excluded. I think we’re good here, the alarmists just need to do some reading.