bjcolorNews from Benin makes the rough and tumble of my world look a bit better today after this tragic event.

The police in Benin have confirmed the death of three persons who were allegedly shot dead by a middle-aged man identified as Onana Osua.

Osua who was said to have shot six persons over alleged food poison, was finally gunned down after he allegedly attacked a police patrol team.

The incident occurred at Uromi, Esan North East local government area of the state.‎

The late Osua who was admitted at an undisclosed hospital for food poisoning, reportedly left the hospital bed, went home, took his gun and went to the homes of people he suspected to be responsible for poisoning him and shot them dead.

Having the ability to take a grievance, such as food poisoning, to a neutral place – like a courtroom – certainly is a bit more civil than the alternative.