Thanksgiving is a few days away.  It might be good to review my safety tips from last year’s blog.
Cheers!    As I said last year:  "So, wash you vegetables well before you cook them and/or before you serve them raw.  Me, I go right to red wine (no scientific basis for it).  Foods I avoid – unpasteurized juices and milk, sprouts, bagged, pre-washed produce of any kind, raw shellfish and other raw meats or cheeses.  Everything else I wash, wash and wash, if it is produce, and I cook all meat products a bit more that the directions above.  Also, be careful about cross-contamination between raw uncooked or unwashed foods and counter-tops, utensils and other ready to eat foods.  And, WASH YOUR HANDS.  Happy Holidays." 

I have been asked a lot what I do eat given my job.  I used to say (tongue in cheek), "pizza and scotch" – now pizza isn’t even safe.