Have you seen the trailer for Contagion? For those germaphobes and conspiracy theorist out there, this will likely keep you up at night.

On the other hand, perhaps a bit more realistic film (one that actually happened) would be the movie version of “Poisoned.”

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  • Paul Nunes

    Totally agree!

  • Sam

    It’s OK to crank up the fear level based on an unseen threat (microbes, aliens, dark skinned foreigners, etc…). But to publicly question the safety of our food supply in today’s political climate is downright unpatriotic. After all, our most esteemed republican senators keep telling us that the US food supply is the safest in the world.
    Have ANY senators or congressmen (R or D) even read Poisoned?
    P.S. Contagion won’t seem so entertaining when (not IF, but WHEN) the next flu pandemic hits.