Today is World Food Safety day.

I got this email from Jeff Benedict, author of “Poisoned,” this AM after he gave a speech to a food service business yesterday – I cut out the names to protect the “innocent.”

…was a great experience in Chicago.  I spoke to 400 or 500 attendees at the __________ Foodservice conference.  The cover of POISONED was on two giant screens throughout my remarks.  Lots of people were walking around the hotel with the book in hand.  I talked for an hour about the experience of writing the book.  Shared some great stories about working with you.  The __________ of the company said some nice things about you.  And ___________ relayed a very nice compliment about you from __________.  ___________ told __________ that you have “great integrity” and that you are unlike other plaintiffs attorneys in the sense that you are in it because you care as opposed to being in it for the money.