Eric first called out Marion Nestle’s famous site – Food Politics. He then gave Food Safety News the following tip o’ the pen:

The second site – – is a new effort by lawyer and food safety expert, Bill Marler. At first glance, it would be easy to dismiss Marler because he specializes in food safety litigation, and has represented hundreds of cases for people injured because of food poisoning and related matters. Obviously, he’s making money on this, but take another look. Unlike many attorneys who have found food litigation to be a virtual hot water tap for revenue, Marler uses his position to fight for food safety, and researches and writes extensively on the matter. He knows his stuff and has testified before Congress and various state legislatures, as well as addressed numerous organizations about food safety issues. Did I say he’s blunt? A recent blog entry was titled “BBC reports that Godstone Farm animals test positive for E. coli – No S**t!” but without those family-friendly little asterisks. Marler’s a bulldog.

While he and his staff have written and blogged extensively about food safety, his new site is more consumer oriented and easy to navigate. I’m eager to see what happens with it.