Over the last several years, other members of the firm and I spend nearly as much time speaking out on safe food as we do litigating food poisoning cases. Here is a partial list of places I have been in the last several months.  In part we try and explain how and why we do what we do and to convince companies why it is a bad idea to poison your customers.

British House of Lords and Royal Institute of Public Health – 05.13.2009

Bill Marler travels back to the UK to present at the Royal Institute of Public Health E. coli Conference.

Conference of the Candian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) – 05.06.2009

Bill Marler will present a keynote address at the 75th Annual conference of CIPHI, being held in Kananaskis, Alberta.

GMA Food Claims & Litigation Conference – 02.25.2009

Bill Marler travels to Rancho Mirage to the conference, which is focused on Emerging Issues in Food-Related Litigation

National Meat Association (NMA) Meatxpo – 02.22.2009

Bill Marler travels to Las Vegas to take part in a roundtable discussion on the FSIS.

International Association for Food Protection’s Raw Milk Symposium – 02.05.2009

Bill Marler will take part in a panel discussion following the film Denied? The Fight for Corporate Accountability. The event is taking place here in Seattle.

Super Lawyers CLE – 12.10.2008

Bill Marler will present to the Super Lawyers CLE in Seattle.

ACI Food-borne Illness and Contamination Litigation – 12.04.2008

Bill Marler will travel to Phoenix to present to the ACI Food Borne Illness & Contamination Litigation Conference.

Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) Mass Tort Symposium – 10.17.2008

Bill Marler will travel to New Orleans to present to the LSBA Class Action/Mass Tort Symposium

Third International Conference for Food Safety and Quality – 10.08.2008

Bill Marler will present the keynote address at the Third International Conference for Food Safety and Quality in San Francisco, CA.

China International Food Safety and Quality Conference (CIFSQ) – 09.24.2008

Bill Marler will be in Beijing, China to present a keynote address to the International Food Safety and Quality Conference.

Food Safety Council Meeting – 07.09.2008

Bill Marler travels to Omaha, Nebraska to speak at the Food Safety Council Meeting

Food Network Wales – 06.18.2008

Bill Marler will be in Cardiff, Wales presenting to the Food Network Wales Conference.

British Food Journal (BFJ) Inaugural Lecture – 06.17.2008

Bill Marler travels to London to take part in the Inaugural Lecture series of the British Food Journal (BFJ) at the Royal Institute of Public Health.

Food Safety: Farm to Table – 05.28.2008

Bill Marler will give the keynote address, in Moscow, ID presenting an Update on Outbreak Trends 2006-2008.

Food: Safety, Risk, and Technology – 05.06.2008

Bill Marler will speak at the University of Minnesota College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences on Food Safety and Litigation.