The GAO lists Food Safety on Obama’s To Do List – among a few other small things:

Many of the urgent policy concerns identified here are critical and time sensitive and require prioritized federal action. They are issues that require a focus from the transition team and new administration because if they are not dealt with, they could have great implications for life, well being, or the confidence of citizens in government, or because they have key quickly approaching dates where a decision must be made or actions taken. Consequently, these issues are not necessarily the most important issues in the long term, but rather those that must be dealt with immediately.

1.  Oversight of financial institutions and markets,
2.  U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan,
3.  Protecting the homeland,
4.  Undisciplined defense spending,
5.  Improving the U.S. image abroad,
6.  Finalizing plans for the 2010 Census,
7.  Caring for service members,
8.  Preparing for public health emergencies,
9.  Revamping oversight of food safety,
10. Restructuring the approach to surface transportation,
11. Retirement of the Space Shuttle,
12. Ensuring an effective transition to digital TV, and
13. Rebuilding military readiness.

The next Congress and the Obama administration will need to deal with many other important issues well beyond the transition period. For a list of the issues GAO will be examining in detail as part of reports to be issued in 2009, please see "Upcoming Reports on Major National Issues."