Michelle Obama, America’s First Lady, will be a guest of ‘’Iron Chef America,” a show I have never watched on the Food Network. It will be airing January 3, 2010 and the White House portion was filmed in late October. My friends over at Obamafoodorama were kind enough to put up this teaser video below.

Apparently, the First Lady will host a cooking battle with goods from the presidential kitchen vegetable garden between White House Executive chef Cristeta Comerford and chefs Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay.

My strong suspicion is that the First Lady will not be serving any peanuts from the Peanut Corporation of America, Nestle Toll House Cookies, steaks that have been “mechanically tenderized,” ammonia infused meat from Beef Products Inc., E. coli-tainted hamburger that killed a little girl, or, antibiotic-resistant salmonella hamburger that is served in the school lunch program.

I guess that is what the rest of us eat. OK, I don’t eat it either. I hope she at least washes the vegetables and uses a thermometer on the show.