Rep. Sam Farr, D (stands for dumb) – Carmel (although he was right about the outbreak being in part caused by wild pigs), and U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns hosted a special "spinach fest" lunch in Washington, D.C. Thursday in hopes of rebuilding consumer confidence in spinach in time for Thanksgiving. More than 300 people, including members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers, and special guests attended the event – all potential clients.  So, I don’t want you to think that I am after all D’s, I want to thank Sen Dick Durbin, D (stands for decent) for his letter setting forth a number of realistic proposals to improve food safety.

The Farr event was aimed at boosting consumer confidence and proving what a suck-up to industry Farr really is and how he does not give a ^&#@ about the people who died and nearly died in the latest of 20 spinach and lettuce outbreaks.   See full story at the KSBW CHANNEL NEWS.

I say – DON’T EAT POOP! And, don’t eat spinach.