All things turn out OK sometimes:

New York Times – For Personal-Injury Lawyer, Michael Pollan’s Book Is Worth Fighting For

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Washington State U. Reinstates ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ as Common-Reading Choice

The Daily Evergreen – The Donation revives Common Reading

Seattle Business Journal – E. coli lawyer solves WSU ‘Dilemma’

Tri-City Herald – WSU reinstates book critical of agribusiness

  • Helen

    Thank you so much for this gesture of kindness to Mr. Pollan and what you, he and I believe in. Your work has been so helpful, the fights worth fighting.

  • In the most productive sense of the term. :-)
    Good work.

  • Patrick Tice

    Here in the Midwest we are at ground zero in the “King Corn” takeover of agriculture. Pollan’s book ought to be required reading in Congress! More problems are on the horizon as corn ethanol production wastes energy and depletes ground water.