comment-box-okcancel.jpgComments on my blog, and other sites I am sure, tend to be made by people who disagree with a point made.  My bet is that you seldom hear from people who agree with you (although it has been known to happen).  On my blog, I have tried to have a policy of allowing all comments, although I must admit, I have deleted some that I thought were over the top as a personal attack against me or another person who had commented.

A person who I have edited out in the past on occasion sent me an email this morning suggesting that I have been selective as to who I cut and who I do not.  He may well have a point.  He did point me to the website Grist’s (disclosure – I am a Grist donor) posting rules that I think make sense and I will adopt in full:

1.  Don’t be a jerk. Nobody likes jerks.

2.  Don’t use profanity. The English language is vast and magnificent.

3.  Don’t be a troll. (Troll: Commenter who makes outrageous or provocative statements purely in order to derail discussion.) You know who you are.

4.  No spam, no solicitation, no links to porn, no internet detritus of similar ilk. Sell us on your point of view, not your Super-Slanket!

5.  No personal attacks at the author or fellow commenter. Substance, people. Substance.

6.  Seriously, don’t be a jerk.

I am going to see how this works before I delete a comment or try a different policy.  Hopefully, we all can take it down a notch – and that goes for my posts.

  • Dog Doctor

    Bill, this sounds like a good idea.

  • Carl Custer

    What? No profanity?
    How the can we emphasize a strongly held belief?
    This stinks! :^)

  • Carol Buente

    I do not have any big work title, but I do have Mrs. before my name. Friends wonder what I do with my time, I read about food safety, what I and my family/friends can do at home to enjoy a meal without nasty results. I have had my share and am mighty careful about what goes in my mouth and who has prepared it. Keep up the good work as I like what you have to say.

  • Doc Mudd

    Fair enough! If I can’t say somethin’ nice, well…
    …well, uh… …umm…
    …uh…well, let’s see…maybe…”The stated concept, one truly possessed of a rare weightless quality lofted gracefully, gaseously into our purview, untethered as it is by cumbersome fact is the very definition of perfectly damned splendid.”
    – ahhh, oops, forgot; no cussin’ allowed. Sorry! I’ll keep workin’ on it.
    This won’t be easy, but I’m on board with the new policy.

  • It can be done

    I like your posts just the way they are. I don’t
    think the writer should have to censor himself
    on his own blog. Keep up the descriptive, honest
    to goodness helpful information just the way
    you deliver it. I think the ridiculous responses
    just make themself look ridiculous.