Usually, we would be making such a bad joke after being on vacation in a sunny spot with umbrella drinks, or listening to Lou Dobbs rant about someone importing some disease into the US.  Now we poison people in the US with Salmonella while vacationing before they head home.  Not quite the headline our tourism industry would want.

Frankly, isn’t it a bit embarrassing that the Public Health Agency of Canada says there is one case of salmonella in Canada that’s associated with an outbreak in the United States?  Press reports confirmed that the case is in New Brunswick, in an individual known to visit the United States frequently.  Spokesman Philippe Brideau says the Canadian agency is continuing to track “salmonella activity” to determine if any other cases are linked to the outbreak in the U.S., which has sickened more than 425 people in 43 states and killed 5.

Federal officials in the US are investigating the source to be bulk peanut butter supplied by Peanut Corp. of America to nursing homes, hospitals, schools, universities, restaurants, delis, cafeterias, bakeries, other food service industries and private label food firms.